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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

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A progressive, inclusive, community-oriented congregation dedicated to sharing Christ’s radical love to everyone.

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A Note from Father Joe

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Father Joe!

St. Matt's Pray Think Love House
Opens Its Doors to the Community

The Pray Think Love House serves as much more than the parish office. We have space for prayer, meeting rooms, social events, and meals. Also, the Pray Think Love House opens its doors to non-profit community groups active in the arts, music, meditation and so much more. 

Our Sunday Services

​Otterbein University Chapel

in Barlow Hall
88 Cochran Alley
Westerville, Ohio​

8 a.m. - Contemplative Eucharist

(with Dialogue Sermon)

10:30 am - Full Eucharist 

(In Person/FB Livestream)

Afterwords - Post-Worship

Discussion after Worship

1st and 3rd Sundays

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Life in St. Matthew's Episcopal Community

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